Pr. J.-P. Antoine*, L. Jacques*,+, Dr. J.-F. Hochedez**

12 May 2000

* Institut de Physique Théorique, FYMA, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve.
+ Doctorant F.R.I.A.
** Department of Solar Physics, Royal Observatory of Belgium.

1. Example of multiscale ridges and edges detection

Here is an academic example of edges and ridges detection with multiscale selection.

Figure 1: Academic example: an angular
gaussian (128x128x8bits)

Figure 1a: Ridges(*)

Figure 1b: Edges(*)

(*) The scales range from 0.2 to 180, that is from 1 to 80 pixels (filter width)

2. Multiscale ridges and edges in the four different wavelengths of solar corona pictures

Original Images
Multiscale ridges
Multiscale edges

3. Conjugated multiscale ridges detection

Here is a color visualisation of a cumulated multiscale ridges detection in the four following wavelengths:

171 Å

195 Å

284 Å

304 Å

Original Images

Figure 2: Each color represents the wavelength
of the ridges. There is a thresholding
of 0.5% in the ridge measure.

4. Questions

5. References

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